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water well lighteningWe have many years of experience and education credits in the water well and water purification system industry. We will determine why your system is not working properly. The costs for our services are reasonable. We have many repeat customers that are very satisfied with our work, as well as the price we charge. We give a price before the work is done. Parts and Labor of installing complete water systems are guaranteed for one year.

The reason your water system is not working properly may have a symptom that an experienced well service person will know what parts of the water well system would be causing the problem.  Symptoms that are frequently stated by our customers include the following:

Symptoms that are frequently stated by our customers include the following:

  • My well water pump runs all the time
  • My well water pump clicks on and off
  • My well water pump will not come on
  • I don’t have any water pressure -
  • My water pressure in the house is low
  • Water well pump not working no water
  • My well stopped pumping water
  • No water coming from my well
  • I am getting air bubbles out of my faucets and shower.

The reason for the pump not coming on or clicking on and off may be ants, a lizard in the pump pressure switch or a defective pump pressure switch. Lightning may have caused a high electrical surge or caused the pump control box circuit breaker to trip. Air bubbles coming out of faucets is resolved by putting air in the pressurized water tank and/or  replacing the pressurized water tank and/or replacing the purification system filter.


submersible pump services“Enclosed is a check for $175.00. Thanks again for being so prompt. Joe can always count on you.”

“Thanks again for taking care of our emergency problem. We really do appreciate it very much.”

“Thanks for the good job repairing the blown seal on our well pump yesterday. It really made a big difference. As per our phone conversation, enclosed is the $75.00 payment for services.”

“We appreciate all the great work you do on our properties.”

“Dear Bill & Crew--I want to thank you for your integrity in getting my pump fixed and making everything right. I appreciate the expertise and years of experience that has made my pump last a little bit longer. I always look for those businesses that I can trust to do a good job for a fair price. You all have done both and I thank you and will let others know about you too. Gratefully.”

“Bill, Thanks Again! I can’t believe how great the water pressure is in my shower. It’s nice to have running water again. You are very much appreciated. HAVE A Great Day!!”

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