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Centrally Located in Central Florida

We construct water wells anywhere in the Central Florida area. Our extensive experience in our long existing business is why we are successful in getting the best potable water available. We strive to avoid water bearing cavities that contain sulfur or iron. Private water wells done years ago are still in service.

Bill is in the picture where he constructed a shallow well, installed a pressurized holding tank, and a 1 H.P. centrifugal pump. This was in the Union Park area. The shallow well is sufficient to run four or more sprinklers. To install this shallow well system; tools for doing the job are contained in a tow-behind trailer pulled by our service truck.

We have installed shell wells, rock particles and/or shell particle wells and deep wells across Central Florida. The best potable water in many areas is shell well water-- especially in Eastern Orange County. In the Moss Park area, specifically Live Oak Estates, we can install good potable water wells that require minimum or no filtration; the water producing zone for this well contains course white rock and course limestone.

water well lighteningWe repair existing wells. This includes removing and replacing submersible pumps, removing and replacing drop pipe, and blocking off sources of sand infiltration in the well casing.


“I would like to express my deepest appreciation for being able to get my well fixed. Other contractors told me "it can't be fixed, you need a new well." You have proved them all wrong due to your knowledge and personal sacrifice. You gave up your Saturday and Sunday to repair our well. For this, I will be grateful forever. Thank you.”

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